Renewable energy projects are quite often being developed from the possession of or the right to a ground position or a certain technology. A crucial element in the development, realization and operation of a project, being the financing, is
sometimes considered at a too late stage or underestimated or sometimes not taken into account at all.

Edelweiss Renewables considers financing as an integral part of a project development. Therefore she guides you preferably already during the development phase to make your project bankable. Subsequently she is pleased to advise and support you in attracting risk capital from her network of investors, in structuring of a debt financing, in organizing a funding competition amongst banks, in judging and comparing financing offers and of course in negotiating and closing a

With the experiences since 1994, in the banking sector and as advisors, in the field of financing renewable energy projects, we understand both what entrepreneurs and financiers require. Basis of the services therefore is the knowledge of and
experience with finance, financings and bankability aspects and the process and mentality of financial institutions, the technical and contractual knowledge of and experience in renewable energy projects, the tax and legal structuring. In
combination with an analysis of the specific situation of a client as starting point for each advisory assignment Edelweiss Renewable is able to provide practical tailor-made advises and support her clients in closing transactions.

Edelweiss Renewables also provides services to investors and investment funds. Next to support for investment fund establishment Edelweiss Renewables Advisors can support you in project sourcing, analyzing and assessing up to and including the actual acquisition thereof, as well as the fund management.


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