In the 'European Directive on the promotion of electricity from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity market' (Directive 2001/77/EC), the following definition for biomass is used: "The biological degradable fraction of products, waste substances and residues from agriculture (including vegetal and animal substances), forestry and related industries, as well as the biologically degradable fraction of industrial and municipal waste."

A variety of conversion processes can be used to make biomass easier in use, such as:

  • Thermal chemical conversion
  • Bio chemical conversion
  • Mechanical conversion
  • Combinations of the afore mentioned 3 conversion processes


Within the 3 conversion processes various technologies are available.

Edelweiss Renewables is/has been involved in various biomass projects, nationally and internationally, in the field of financing of and investing in  wood, chicken litter and straw fired power plants and waste gasification and biogas plants.



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