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Wind energy


Development of wind farms for landowners and companies in countries including the Netherlands and Europe. Supporting with administrative matters, feasibility studies, quick scans, financial models and business plans. Stakeholder management, tender management, contract management, project management, quick scans, visualizations, macro-siting, micro-siting, land agreements, legislation, licensing, financing, risk profiles and optimization of projects. Realization of projects from concept phase through to the operational phase and up to Financial Close.





 Management Services


The activities consist of managing the entire project for EPC, for turnkey delivery of the Balance of Plant (BOP) and the wind turbines. From the development phase of feasibility studies and risk analyses, the completion of the realization phase up to and including asset management of projects. Contract management performed during the development phase, during  funding, for the construction phase and for the operational phase. Management of various contracts such as EPC contracts and FIDIC contracts, for various kind of supply contracts and for turnkey deliveries. Technical feasibility for the realization of projects. Tender Management in the development and the realization phase. Project management of engineering , set up of the project organization and the project teams  and interface management in the development phase. Project management for the construction phase of projects, including set up of the project organization and the project teams, interface management, contract management and contract negotiation. Project management and contract management for the realization of projects. Supervision of service organizations, completion of projects, supervision of service contracts and financial and technical management.




Wind energy


Financing of onshore wind farms for both private persons and companies in the Netherlands and for companies in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Financial advice regarding structuring of financing, organization of financing competitions and negotiation of credit proposals and agreements for wind farms in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Acquisition of wind farms for companies and investment funds, including due diligence of projects in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain. Management of acquired European wind farms for investment funds, including refinancing. Valuation of wind farms in the Netherlands.


Energy Contracting

Organizing competitions for the off take of electricity, renewable energy certificates and certificates of origin for wind farms in the Netherlands and Belgium. Assessing off take contracts of wind farms in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States. Managing and renewing existing contracts in the Netherlands and Belgium.



Wind energy


Beerse, BelgiumBernardweg, The Netherlands
Bernardweg, The Netherlands
Butendiek, Germany
BP (British Petrol), The Netherlands and the UK

Burgervlotbrug, The Netherlands 
Cabazon, United States
Castle Pil, Wales
Culemborg, The Netherlands
Dendermonde, Belgium
Distridam, The Netherlands
Distripark, The Netherlands
ECN Wind Turbine Test Park, The Netherlands
EEE, Spain
Electrawinds Brugge Tris, Belgium
Eolica Aircan, Spain
Eolica del Sureste, Spain
Eolicas Los Labrados, Spain
Eolicas Plana de la Balsa, Spain
Eolocaisa, Spain
Galatti, Romania
Hartelbrug -West, The Netherlands
Helios, Spain
Hondtocht, The Netherlands
Hoogstraten, Belgium
Horns Rev, Denmark,
IVPC IV, Italy
Jacoba Rippolder, The Netherlands
Koegorspolder, The Netherlands
Lake Benton, USA
Loch Luichart, Wales
Lommel Balendijk, Belgium
Netterden - Azewijn, The Netherlands
NSW, The Netherlands
Olen en Geel, Belgium
Olstertocht, The Netherlands
Parque Eólica Borja 2, Spain
Prittitz, Germany
Prototype Test farm ECN, The Netherlands
Q7, Princess Amalia, The Netherlands
Railwind, The Netherlands
Rehbach, Germany
Rijnwoude, The Netherlands
Sabinapolder, The Netherlands
Seanergy, Belgium
Shanghai bridge, China
Slufterdam, The Netherlands
Slufterdam -West, The Netherlands
Spremberg, Germany
Storm Lake I, USA
Storm Lake II, USA
Sunrise, France
Trandeiras, Portugal
Viento, Spain
Vlaamse Ecologie Energie en Milieu Onderneming, Belgium
Wieringermeer, The Netherlands
Willem Anna Polder, The Netherlands
Wind aan de Stroom, Belgium
Zeebrugge, Belgium
Zuidwal, The Netherlands

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