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Development of biomass projects for companies in countries including the Netherlands and Indonesia. Realization of financial models and business plans. Contract management, financing, risk profiles and optimization of projects. Bringing projects from concept phase to the operational phase and bringing projects to Financial Close.

Management Services

Project management, contract management and financial management performed for biomass projects. Financial management of Dutch biomass projects.

Energy Contracting

Organizing competitions for the fuels supply for biomass projects in the Netherlands and Belgium. Organizing competitions
for the off take of electricity, renewable energy certificates and certificates of origin for biomass projects in the Netherlands
and Belgium. Assessing supply contracts for biomass projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Assessing off take contracts of biomass projects in theNetherlands and Belgium.




Financing of biomass projects for companies in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Financial restructuring of a biomass project in the United Kingdom. Financial advice regarding structuring of financing, organization of financing competitions and negotiation of credit proposals and agreements for biomass projects in the Netherlands. Check financeability of all proposed contracts for a large Dutch biomass project.




Bavin, The Netherlands
Beilen, The Netherlands
Bio Energy plant Horst, The Netherlands
Bio One Energy, The Netherlands
Fibrowatt, UK
Meerlanden, The Netherlands
Papenburg, Germany
Riau, Indonesia
VAR, The Netherlands
WKK Lelystad, The Netherlands
Yatropha project, Morocco

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