roger_pasfoto.jpgRoger Jansen

Roger Jansen has been active in the renewable energy sector since 1994, especially with the financing of, the financial and tax structuring of as well as acquisition processes in the field of renewable energy projects, in the Netherlands and abroad.  Roger is a financial person with a broad business and organizational view.

Roger has a background as business economist and worked as a banker at Rabobank International and NIBC and was an independent financial advisor with a focus on renewable energy up to the
establishment of Edelweiss Renewables.

Roger about himself and Edelweiss:

“With my background as business economist and project financier I am used to look at the total, without losing side of the details, with the objective of a financeable project, business or activity. With the partnership within Edelweiss Renewables my horizon is broadening. With our different backgrounds, knowledge and experience we are complementary to each other, as a result whereof synergy and further optimization for our clients can be offered in our practical advises.”

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Roger Jansen
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