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ref-Referenties (EN)

Wind energy

  • Beerse, Belgium
  • Bernardweg, The Netherlands
  • BP (British Petrol), The Netherlands and the UK
  • Burgervlotbrug, The Netherlands
  • Castle Pil, Wales
  • Culemborg, The Netherlands
  • Dendermonde, Belgium
  • Distridam, The Netherlands
  • Distripark, The Netherlands
  • ECN Wind Turbine Test Park, The Netherlands
  • Electrawinds Brugge Tris, Belgium
  • Galatti, Romania
  • Hartelbrug -West, The Netherlands
  • Helios, Spain
  • Hondtocht, The Netherlands
  • Hoogstraten, Belgium
  • Horns Rev, Denmark,
  • IVPC IV, Italy
  • Jacoba Rippolder, The Netherlands
  • Koegorspolder, The Netherlands
  • Lake Benton, USA
  • Loch Luichart, Wales
  • Lommel Balendijk, Belgium
  • Netterden – Azewijn, The Netherlands
  • NSW, The Netherlands
  • Olen en Geel, Belgium
  • Olstertocht, The Netherlands
  • Prittitz, Germany
  • Prototype Test farm ECN, The Netherlands
  • Q7, Princess Amalia, The Netherlands
  • Railwind, The Netherlands
  • Rijnwoude, The Netherlands
  • Sabinapolder, The Netherlands
  • Seanergy, Belgium
  • Shanghai bridge, China
  • Slufterdam, The Netherlands
  • Slufterdam -West, The Netherlands
  • Spremberg, Germany
  • Storm Lake I, USA
  • Storm Lake II, USA
  • Sunrise, France
  • Trandeiras, Portugal
  • Viento, Spain
  • Vlaamse Ecologie Energie en Milieu Onderneming, Belgium
  • Wieringermeer, The Netherlands
  • Willem Anna Polder, The Netherlands
  • Wind aan de Stroom, Belgium
  • Zeebrugge, Belgium
  • Zuidwal, The Netherlands
  • Cabazon, United States
  • EEE, Spain
  • Eolica Aircan, Spain
  • Eolica del Sureste, Spain
  • Eolicas Los Labrados, Spain
  • Eolicas Plana de la Balsa, Spain
  • Eolocaisa, Spain
  • Parque Eólica Borja 2, Spain
  • Rehbach, Germany


  • Almeria, Spain
  • Aznacollar, Spain
  • Beerse, Belgium
  • Bornem, Belgium
  • Floriade Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands
  • GRN-NRG, Germany
  • Los Cabezos, Spain
  • Orka Power, Belgium
  • Project Fieva, Belgium
  • Prominence Solar Investment Fund, The Netherlands
  • Renewable Ventures Funds, Belgium


  • Bavin, The Netherlands
  • Beilen, The Netherlands
  • Bio Energy plant Horst, The Netherlands
  • Bio One Energy, The Netherlands
  • EPR Ely, UK
  • Fibrowatt, UK
  • Meerlanden, The Netherlands
  • Papenburg, Germany
  • Riau, Indonesia
  • VAR, The Netherlands
  • WKK Lelystad, The Netherlands
  • Yatropha project, Morocco

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